Saturday, October 24, 2009

I had to sit for a while and just be happy. Norah jones playing in my ear, the cool wind brushing my face and ruffling my hair as it moves God's nature as they dance in unison around me. A tree almost playfully throws its fruit at my feet, and as I look up the leaves sway above my head, letting only a ray of light through warming my back through my clothes. What's not to love about life? Not only this moment but my whole life. Moving out of the garden into the streets the scenery's different, less beautiful perhaps, but my attitude isn't. A smile, A nod, a little gesture of help...of course Life is still beautiful.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Im gonna restart my blogging...because i can and because im happy :) hehe You know when you have one of those great nights, in which youre smiling from beginning to end? Where you get home and you're still smiling. When even though you got home, u think about funny things that happened and laugh out loud alone? I've had one of these nights.

Tonight we had rehearsals of the jesuitband thingy, and it was so much fun, I sang along with gianluca and julian, and i must day i am very impressed at how beautiful it all sounds..with veronica on violin (amazing bdw) and roxanne on piano (brilliant and julian on guitar ( love that he says he doesnt know music and he can play like that)..anywho all in all i enjoyed myself immensly. This followed by a night of mc donalds with fr. mike, veronica, br. carl, tin, (i forgot name ..sry :S) :) laugher soo much.

Ok this sucked as a blog, i must say..but i have a point i promise... Friends are awesome but family is so much better. Make sure the friends or acquiantances you make are worth the getting to know...its so important :)


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hello wonderful people :)

I am in one of the happiest moods despite the fact that tomorrow is Monday and I have work xD I just came back from the community girl's day, and it was brilliant. I will summarize in points cause I don't really feel like typing much, too much things to do...I refuse to spend my night on my laptop. So:

-Desiree's designs
-Worship was fun but scary
-Photo's galore
-This is a bib, this is a bob
-Secret sister ^^ thank you heidi :)
-Peace song & my soul sings :)
-Caroline's amazing talk
-really good company
-Jesus ^^

There was also an incident with the piano. If Joe is reading this he'll probably joe, I didn't break it hehe. It's just you don't realise how big a synthesizer is until you try fit it into a car, or two for that matter. First try was Charlene's car. It took us 15 mins with lots of laughs and crouching on the floor for need to go piss. We manage to fit it vertically, jabbing behind my back, therefore pushing me towards the dashboard, hehe was interesting indeed. Second car was Rachel's. Now Rachel's car looks big..but it's deceiving because it's very low, so it had to fit horizontally, but since it was so big it didn't fit, so with Lara's intelligence we managed to fit it in, by opening the door and closing it from the inside. Phew lol.

Anywho over all, Ecstatic, elated, overjoyed, thrilled, delighted, blissful, rapturous and euphoric can all describe my present mood ^^

Divine exhaustion :)

des' design :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

I am now 20! Yes indeed I have embraced the fact that I am not a teen, and according to Karla, old xD

On that birthday was a very relaxed happy way ^^ It started off with sunglasses at night at midnight..was fun but by the end of it I needed my bed badly.

Woke up to find my mummy holding an orchid. Now to many, this wouldn't be something to write home about, but in all honesty, it made me the happiest bunny alive :)Orchids are my favorite flowers, they're so beautiful and they give me this happy feeling :) So anyway I now own a pretty white and pink orchid ^^

Also happiness and BIG thanks to Malcolm and Daniela who drove up to Bugibba to surprise me with a muffin and birthday wishes. Gave me the biggest smile, and it kept lingering on my face all day :) *curtsy* thanks ^^

Afternoon was spent at exiles relaxing, and evening spent at Piccolo Padre. Balcony there is beautiful :)

Today was one of those happy days too :) After work, where I met a lot of interesting students which rarely happens I went to this new place that opened next to my house in Gzira called 'the white sheep'. You know the film chocolat? well it reminds me of that. It has all this neat food stuff which is all organic and yummy, and when I tell you life is happy in there I mean it. I bought vanilla pods xD baking has begun! I was also told by the lady of the shop that I would called to work there if they need :) Thats what u get when you smile so much all the time..people hire you hehe.

Well thats about it :) I is happy, but unfortunately sick :( I have a cold with a constant cough and tonsil pain...which is really annoying because I have a 6 day week for work this week and a hell of a a lot to prayers are greatly appreciated and needed.

'The white sheep' happy shop

Their card..I know happy right? ^^

My pretty orchid :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

A woman of God

Today I didn't go out, as I haven't been home all day in a really long time. While I was home I had quite a lot of things to do, some of these included washing the floor for my mum and cleaning the room - stuff which I don't particularly look forward to doing. While I was doing that I realized how there were some things that I said I would work on this summer, but haven't started yet, and one of these was starting to cook and bake. So I sat down and started looking for recipes. This in turn made me very happy. I was taken round the food world with Jamie Oliver (as was once recommended by Mig) and got sucked into a world of grilled marinated mozzarella with crunchy bread, salmon tikka and all types of omelets (one of which I was successful at making ^^ *glee*). The happiest were the truffles, chocolate biscuits with a soft centre, soufflés and creme brulee's. I didn't make any of these, merely planned them and got the recipe, but once that's done I know I'll start.

Moving on to the point of this blog, yesterday, something said at the GG weekend really stuck with me. In Genesis 2:18 the Lord says 'It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is right for him.' May I emphasize...HELPER not slave. So anyway woman was given from man, for man and given as a gift to man. Also man and woman were asked to 'have many children and grow in number', so woman's role as a mother is part of God's plan.
So anyway, while I was looking for recipes and cleaning up, a thought came to mind. Whatever I do now is in preparation for my future husband. I'm not looking for one or anything...but it's a nice way to look at it so as to not moan about it. So other than enjoying what I'm doing it's a sort of training to become a woman God planned for me to become. Makes me happy:)

toodles ^^

P.S. to Kai: description of you will be coming in my next blog.

P.P.S: Pretty pics will come up, as soon as my search engine works again :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Laura, laura what can I say about thee? hehe I will explain: Me and Loz were commenting about our lack of things to talk about on our blogs, so an intelligent boy who was eavesdropping on our conversation (it's ok we forgive you steve :P) came up with the idea of writing about each other...I actually do have things to say today which defeats the whole point of the project can one not talk about Lozie anyway right? So here goes:

From the moment I met loz, I immediately thought: fun. She looked so happy and englishy, and said phrases like 'What's wrong pet?' hehe. I thought she fit right in with us crazy people. From that time on, I've learnt quite a few things about her.

First off, her smell, in a good way ^^. She has that unique perfume that immediately puts her face to mind when you smell it, other than the fact that it leaves it remnants on you making u think of her constantly :P

Secondly, her Its not only the colour, it's the way she looks at you when you talk to her, she actually looks into your eyes, making you feel like she's really listening. And in those eyes, one can really see a kindness and a love for life.

Thirdly, her way of life. She reminds me of Zooey Deschanel. I once told her that I could imagine her going around her apartment sipping a glass of red wine listening to Tom Jones and singing along, and she responded with a 'why are u stalking me' look hehe. I mean gta love her for that. I'll add to this section her blogs, love reading them...give me a happy feeling.

Fourthly, her courage. I mean she left her country to move to Malta, a place with some family, and a many acquaintances at that time, and now she's got no acquaintances, but one big family + her real family hehe.

Fifthly, and this I discovered yesterday: her smile when she has a camera in's like that of an excited little girl. ^^

I think thats about it for now..can't wait to get to know u more :)

Now, about this weekend:

Yesterday we had the Healing service at night. Was as usual amazing, God really showed His glory, and a lot of people were touched :)

Today we had the continuation of the y4j girls weekend. And it was amazing. I learnt quite a few things about how to be a woman of God. I was quite impressed with mike's aunts' talk (can't remember her name), about being a mother and wife in the future...really changed my perspective on things a bit. I was also taken back 6 years with Tutzi's talk when they came to St. Dorothy's school to give a talk on sexuality, and we were given the choice to sign a paper saying true love waits, and I had and kept it in my purse ever since, and I have the 2009 version hehe.

I also urge Achie to take up tattooing as a profession hehe. She drew on my leg and I really like it, I actually want to keep it, and draw a henna on it. Picture below :)

toodles ^^

Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm at home on a Friday night, and it's not because I'm sad :)

I'm sitting at my desk writing this blog, with a glass of red wine, Laura Izibor 'shine' singing in the background, and I'm rather content. :) Matt if you're reading this..i can imagine you becoming a writer and writing in the wee hours of the night with a glass of red wine just like this :)

Anywhooo... today I bought pwetty shoes and pwetty clothes. I haven't done that in a while, exams and then work, but today me and my mummy went together..loved it. About the shoes, did I mention they're pretty? They make me feel like I'm 12 and carefree hehe, funny how shoes can do that to you xD

Tomorrow after work, I'll be going to the girl's weekend thingy of y4j, Pretty excited I must say. Me and charlene have wanted to have one of these for a real long time, and now God has finally answered our prayers. So tehheee ><

A big squeeze and massive smile to Ian, Bernice, Mig, Mike, Matt, Krissie and Des who are all far away from home :( I'm missing you all so much.

Well thats it really, I know it's a blog about nothing really, but oh with it :)

Nessie :)