Saturday, October 24, 2009

I had to sit for a while and just be happy. Norah jones playing in my ear, the cool wind brushing my face and ruffling my hair as it moves God's nature as they dance in unison around me. A tree almost playfully throws its fruit at my feet, and as I look up the leaves sway above my head, letting only a ray of light through warming my back through my clothes. What's not to love about life? Not only this moment but my whole life. Moving out of the garden into the streets the scenery's different, less beautiful perhaps, but my attitude isn't. A smile, A nod, a little gesture of help...of course Life is still beautiful.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Im gonna restart my blogging...because i can and because im happy :) hehe You know when you have one of those great nights, in which youre smiling from beginning to end? Where you get home and you're still smiling. When even though you got home, u think about funny things that happened and laugh out loud alone? I've had one of these nights.

Tonight we had rehearsals of the jesuitband thingy, and it was so much fun, I sang along with gianluca and julian, and i must day i am very impressed at how beautiful it all sounds..with veronica on violin (amazing bdw) and roxanne on piano (brilliant and julian on guitar ( love that he says he doesnt know music and he can play like that)..anywho all in all i enjoyed myself immensly. This followed by a night of mc donalds with fr. mike, veronica, br. carl, tin, (i forgot name ..sry :S) :) laugher soo much.

Ok this sucked as a blog, i must say..but i have a point i promise... Friends are awesome but family is so much better. Make sure the friends or acquiantances you make are worth the getting to know...its so important :)