Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'll give you all some ramblings of this past week :D

First of all, my happy news: I diagnosed a patient..a real one, at a hospital and I was right :D We had observations at outpatients in Mater Dei and this girl came in with no voice..and to put a long thought processing story short, she was diagnosed correctly by me and another girl in the class :D We got a thumbs up from the doctor in charge. Very proud moment. I also performed a rhinoscopy, which sounds nicer than it actually is...it's basically stuffing a metal thing up a patients nose and looking inside it with a shiny torch thingy..but still my hands were shaking and I thought I was going to pull the patients nostrils off :S

Also I wanted to mention something that I took away from the FGBMFI seminar. The only difference between those 100 something successful rich businessmen in that room and me (other than the obvious) is that they believe. Not only in an awesome God, but also in their potential as Christians that they can do all. All their testimonies had more or less the same pattern. life going great, bankruptcy, God, booming business. They all though had faith in what they could do and kept working on it and trusting in God. Success is one decision away :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Glass box

Yesterday I had an epiphany and ignored it, today I'm writing about it and adapting it to my life :)
I will start from the beginning:

Yesterday I was walking to the St. Julians church from teaching Catechism, and as I was walking through Spinola and that area, I got really happy. It was perfect weather being 6 o'clock and still light. Spinola looked very picturesque, and I was very happy to be there. The sun was shining softly and I felt the heat on my back. With JJ Heller in my ear and the people in the streets conventionally relaxed I felt the world was a very good place. I really felt God there at that moment. I started remembering who God is - God. He can do ALL! He can help me pass my exams, and get A's. He is the God who can help me through financial, emotional and physical problems, He is the God who can get me a car, He is the God who saved me from death. He is the God who can move mountains, He is the God who rises the sun for me, He is GOD!!

So after this very happy walk, I decided to go thank Him, so I went to the adoration chapel in the St. Julians church. When I sat down I realised the Eucharist was put in a glass box (which is not unusual at all). But it got me thinking. We put God in a box. He tells us He can take away all our worries, and yet as human beings, we try to put Him in a box. We limit his work. He wants to use us to our fullest potential, and we let Him use us to our least (if we let Him use us at all). We tend to put Him in a glass box where we can see Him, He can see us, but we just don't let Him out to work.

I couldn't wait to get back out and walk with God again. I've decided to open my glass box, and let Him out. I can now reach my fullest potential with God.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

As my eyes move over the pink being slowly and carefully drawn over the white paper with black markings, I feel my eyelids slowly getting heavier. The feeling of my hand sliding over the paper seems to become more soothing, and the monotonous page seems to fill with life with the highlighted colour, although this doesn't make it more interesting.
My eyelids feel even heavier now, but I don't want to stop.

I need some sort of prompting to snap me out of the daze, so I close the book and slide it off the desk. As I realise the sound wasn't too big I look down and realise I've created a house around me of stacked books...

My little house... :)

I think I'll live here for a while... XD

Friday, April 10, 2009

thoughts of You

Lately I have been thinking...
Of those times in which your word touched my heart
In which it took just a sound of you to make me believe
Lately I’ve been thinking...
Of those times in which the whole world would know
And then I started thinking...
Of what happened
Why have I stopped caring, trusting, believing?
What pain has shot doubt into my heart?
What suffering has inflicted indifference?
What nature of sin can pull you away from the one you love?
What flicker of hope can save you?
I stop thinking and suddenly remember...
Your touch
Your words
Your love
I'm saved again

Sunday, April 5, 2009


ahhhh :) can you feel it? Calmness in your hearts? Quite amazing considering we're in the midst of that horrible storm...exam time. God can give that to you, the calmness I mean. He is truly wonderful, and I am truly grateful :)

Leaving with soft hugs xxx

Friday, April 3, 2009

Welcome back

Hehe I have definitely :D I wont say anything just in case ppl dont know of this happy surpirse :D So for those of you who do know...happiness :D

Sorry I wierded you all out lol, but had to write that im really happy :)

Van xxx

customizing :)

I'm using this blog to ask you all a question..

As those of you who know me, know my empty wall in my room is like an empty canvas for simon, and therefore we are in need of ideas of what to draw on that wall. If any one has any ideas at all, please comment :D

Also, im customizing my blog :D hehe, if you scroll down to the bottom, you can write on my refrigerator :D lol I'm getting custom happy :)

Van xx

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy moments

aaa, spring...don't you feel it? It's amazing. I love how spring brings with it all these AMAZING changes like the change of the hour, I love how it's still light at 7 pm:) And suddenly you start smelling barbecue coming from nowhere. Joyfulness XD

I started writing songs again. A big thanks goes to matt for the awesomeness of JJ Heller, which I also have to thank Achie for giving to matt who then gave to me. I feel inspired. Yesterday night was mad, I was listening to her and suddenly I was thinking of my own lyrics hehe, and while listening to her writing mine. I wont put it down though, cause I'll probably regret it later, my first songs after a rusty pause are usually really cringing when I look back on them. Also I realised I started playing different. I had worship team today, and chords went out the window, I was playing a different tune lol. I am very excited :)

Leaving with happiness and spring hugs