Thursday, May 21, 2009

I love playing with my food. Little faces shine out to today I decided to put them on they are:

Sun grass and flower out of 'moon and stars' cocopops

:) I was bored xD

hmm, what else did I want to relate, Oh yes. Me and estelle had our final observation thank God. However in this one I got a rather unpleasant farewell gift. For those who don't know, for university we have to observe children and see their normal development...not random children, we're not stalkers, we have 3 children whom we observe 3 times each throughout the year. Anywhooo...this particular boy (age 3) is a wee bit hyperactive one he gets to know you, in the good way. Anyway I was playing scary monster with him (scary monster being me) and i grabbed him, and told him I wasn't get to let go and I was going to eat him. So as it was this boy was 'sitting' on my knee. And all of a sudden a feel this warmth, and hear this familiar but not too common (or socially acceptable for that matter) sound. The child had farted on my knee :( and not silently. I didnt know what to do, I turn round and see Estelle's fuzzy hair shaking in fits of laughter, I just burst out laughing and little boy just skipped off content from his freedom of the big scary giant. o0. Wonderful lol.

Also today was a wonderful day :) Other than the head and neck studying, I must say I spent a blissful day with mike...hehe we went to shop for food cause we decided we wanted to cook. Our shopping result was: Coco pops, budino, which we made ourselves, galletti, parma ham, a carton of milk, bake rolls and orange juice. We thought of krissie shouting at us to eat something substantial and healthy hehe...xD Was much funness :D


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I was studying psychology, and something struck me. Now this doesn't usually happen as everything that comes out of my psychology books usually sounds high and made for stoner's to reflect upon. However... This hit me:

Erikson talks about stages in life, and what goes into each. Some are a bit stretched, but he talks about this particular stage, called 'Adolescence: Identity vs Role confusion' This stage goes on from 13-19. He describes how during this stage an identity crisis is normal, however such problems should be resolved at this point..if not there would be a frantic search for identity starting again in old age. He thought that identity resulted from role confusion (ie who u are and what you want to do in life). He says that the most disturbing part is youth's ability to decide an occupational identity. Finally if none of this is resolved, one may develop a negative identity: where one acts hostile towards roles offered as proper and desirable by the community. He also adds that people in this stage cannot love(be intimate) in the truest sense because of the still struggling search for identity.

Now he may be wrong about the love thing but what struck me is the similarity between that generation and this. Think about it...About 80% of university students are not happy in their course and have no idea what they want to do..I wont even talk about 6th formers. I'm not different, I only recently found out I wanted to be a speech therapist. Now he says that this stage finishes at 19 supposedly...maybe our generation experienced a stretch of that. Either that or, our past stages are not fully developed, which is quite disturbing cos one one of those stages is the muscular-anal stage (i.e. excretion) :S

hmmmm.. xD

Monday, May 18, 2009

I am saying goodbye:

Goodbye to my hermitting
Goodbye to my anxiety
Goodbye to my stress
Goodbye to my grumpiness
Goodbye to my competition
Goodbye to my procrastination
Goodbye to my frowns
Goodbye to my tears

Hello to bright sunny, hyper, happy, bubbly, outgoing, not too anxious, excited about life, cannot be pushed down, not fearsome, slightly procrastinated, not worry bound, slightly weird, in love with God ME :)

Hello old friend :)

... xD

sunnyside up :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

New generation

Me and my brother were thinking and it made me happy :D Our generation is so different from that of our in family wise. Our parent's family's are so big, my mum has 5 other brothers and sisters and my dad has 6. So Sunday lunch is always a must, and it's a big event..all my uncles and aunts shouting over plates of hot food, wine in abundance, cousins running around annoying everyone. Then there's the ritual of washing the plates where everyone has a job to do with rolling sleeves, and finally there's the coffee and talk of money or the recent disaster going on...I'm sure ure all familiar.


Our generation only consists of 5 children Max. Speaking for us, we're only me and my we were thinking Sunday lunches will be really fun. Though not in the way mentioned above. It won't be a ritual..sometimes at mine sometimes at his with our children and husbands/wives hehe. And then we kept thinking (only children fear not) that we could really imagine oursleves going to our friends house for Sunday brunch, lunch, breakfast whatever...and the thought made me really happy...our family become our friends, and the feeling is very different. So different from the previous relationship. No more groans for Sunday lunch in the future :D

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tag me

I watched a movie and it made me think, so i'll let you in on my thought shall I?
So, the girl in the movie said this: 'Everybody should go around with big signs on their chest saying what they are, like 'I'm a pervert' or 'I'm happy' or 'I'm a Christian'. It made me think..what would my sign be? It has to be the word that describes me, that people would immediately understand what I'm about. Maybe "I'm happy" hehe :D

Hmm xD

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

picture happy

So I was looking through my photos and I realised some of them were making me really happy, so I decided to post them: