Saturday, October 24, 2009

How beautiful life is

I had to sit for a while and just be happy. Norah jones playing in my ear, the cool wind brushing my face and ruffling my hair as it moves God's nature as they dance in unison around me. A tree almost playfully throws its fruit at my feet, and as I look up the leaves sway above my head, letting only a ray of light through warming my back through my clothes. What's not to love about life? Not only this moment but my whole life. Moving out of the garden into the streets the scenery's different, less beautiful perhaps, but my attitude isn't. A smile, A nod, a little gesture of help...of course Life is still beautiful.


  1. Gypsy girl said...
    Love it
    soglad said...
    hmmm nice description of such a small moment, which made it seem long
    Simon said...
    nice image... would have prefared it raing to be honest :)

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