Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hello wonderful people :)

I am in one of the happiest moods despite the fact that tomorrow is Monday and I have work xD I just came back from the community girl's day, and it was brilliant. I will summarize in points cause I don't really feel like typing much, too much things to do...I refuse to spend my night on my laptop. So:

-Desiree's designs
-Worship was fun but scary
-Photo's galore
-This is a bib, this is a bob
-Secret sister ^^ thank you heidi :)
-Peace song & my soul sings :)
-Caroline's amazing talk
-really good company
-Jesus ^^

There was also an incident with the piano. If Joe is reading this he'll probably joe, I didn't break it hehe. It's just you don't realise how big a synthesizer is until you try fit it into a car, or two for that matter. First try was Charlene's car. It took us 15 mins with lots of laughs and crouching on the floor for need to go piss. We manage to fit it vertically, jabbing behind my back, therefore pushing me towards the dashboard, hehe was interesting indeed. Second car was Rachel's. Now Rachel's car looks big..but it's deceiving because it's very low, so it had to fit horizontally, but since it was so big it didn't fit, so with Lara's intelligence we managed to fit it in, by opening the door and closing it from the inside. Phew lol.

Anywho over all, Ecstatic, elated, overjoyed, thrilled, delighted, blissful, rapturous and euphoric can all describe my present mood ^^

Divine exhaustion :)

des' design :)

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  1. Simon said...
    happy you're happy and the day went well!
    and yes indeed that is a bitch of a piano.

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