Friday, July 3, 2009

Home and Happy :)

I'm at home on a Friday night, and it's not because I'm sad :)

I'm sitting at my desk writing this blog, with a glass of red wine, Laura Izibor 'shine' singing in the background, and I'm rather content. :) Matt if you're reading this..i can imagine you becoming a writer and writing in the wee hours of the night with a glass of red wine just like this :)

Anywhooo... today I bought pwetty shoes and pwetty clothes. I haven't done that in a while, exams and then work, but today me and my mummy went together..loved it. About the shoes, did I mention they're pretty? They make me feel like I'm 12 and carefree hehe, funny how shoes can do that to you xD

Tomorrow after work, I'll be going to the girl's weekend thingy of y4j, Pretty excited I must say. Me and charlene have wanted to have one of these for a real long time, and now God has finally answered our prayers. So tehheee ><

A big squeeze and massive smile to Ian, Bernice, Mig, Mike, Matt, Krissie and Des who are all far away from home :( I'm missing you all so much.

Well thats it really, I know it's a blog about nothing really, but oh with it :)

Nessie :)


  1. MINA said...
    Yay we'll see you later on today!!
    Simon said...
    glad you enjoyed your yesterday
    Rachie said...

    Did I tell you I love the shoes? Cause I really do ^^

    untractor: the undo-er of tractors worldwide.

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