Monday, July 13, 2009

I am now 20! Yes indeed I have embraced the fact that I am not a teen, and according to Karla, old xD

On that birthday was a very relaxed happy way ^^ It started off with sunglasses at night at midnight..was fun but by the end of it I needed my bed badly.

Woke up to find my mummy holding an orchid. Now to many, this wouldn't be something to write home about, but in all honesty, it made me the happiest bunny alive :)Orchids are my favorite flowers, they're so beautiful and they give me this happy feeling :) So anyway I now own a pretty white and pink orchid ^^

Also happiness and BIG thanks to Malcolm and Daniela who drove up to Bugibba to surprise me with a muffin and birthday wishes. Gave me the biggest smile, and it kept lingering on my face all day :) *curtsy* thanks ^^

Afternoon was spent at exiles relaxing, and evening spent at Piccolo Padre. Balcony there is beautiful :)

Today was one of those happy days too :) After work, where I met a lot of interesting students which rarely happens I went to this new place that opened next to my house in Gzira called 'the white sheep'. You know the film chocolat? well it reminds me of that. It has all this neat food stuff which is all organic and yummy, and when I tell you life is happy in there I mean it. I bought vanilla pods xD baking has begun! I was also told by the lady of the shop that I would called to work there if they need :) Thats what u get when you smile so much all the time..people hire you hehe.

Well thats about it :) I is happy, but unfortunately sick :( I have a cold with a constant cough and tonsil pain...which is really annoying because I have a 6 day week for work this week and a hell of a a lot to prayers are greatly appreciated and needed.

'The white sheep' happy shop

Their card..I know happy right? ^^

My pretty orchid :)


  1. Achie said...
    I had seminars on smiling XD
    I love vanilla pods! And cool organic shops with funky names to do with sheep >.<
    Glad you had a great birthday =D
    Simon said...
    MINA said...
    I had seen it!!!
    When they were setting it up, from the outside I thought it looked uber cool.. :)
    Krissie said...
    I must go there.

    I WILL go there.

    See you soon! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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