Monday, July 6, 2009

A woman of God

Today I didn't go out, as I haven't been home all day in a really long time. While I was home I had quite a lot of things to do, some of these included washing the floor for my mum and cleaning the room - stuff which I don't particularly look forward to doing. While I was doing that I realized how there were some things that I said I would work on this summer, but haven't started yet, and one of these was starting to cook and bake. So I sat down and started looking for recipes. This in turn made me very happy. I was taken round the food world with Jamie Oliver (as was once recommended by Mig) and got sucked into a world of grilled marinated mozzarella with crunchy bread, salmon tikka and all types of omelets (one of which I was successful at making ^^ *glee*). The happiest were the truffles, chocolate biscuits with a soft centre, soufflés and creme brulee's. I didn't make any of these, merely planned them and got the recipe, but once that's done I know I'll start.

Moving on to the point of this blog, yesterday, something said at the GG weekend really stuck with me. In Genesis 2:18 the Lord says 'It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is right for him.' May I emphasize...HELPER not slave. So anyway woman was given from man, for man and given as a gift to man. Also man and woman were asked to 'have many children and grow in number', so woman's role as a mother is part of God's plan.
So anyway, while I was looking for recipes and cleaning up, a thought came to mind. Whatever I do now is in preparation for my future husband. I'm not looking for one or anything...but it's a nice way to look at it so as to not moan about it. So other than enjoying what I'm doing it's a sort of training to become a woman God planned for me to become. Makes me happy:)

toodles ^^

P.S. to Kai: description of you will be coming in my next blog.

P.P.S: Pretty pics will come up, as soon as my search engine works again :)


  1. MINA said...
    I have to get used to the whole helper plan for woman...
    Achie said...
    for from given XD I remember that ^^
    Steve Diacono said...
    I am happy for u van =)

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