Sunday, July 5, 2009

Laura, laura what can I say about thee? hehe I will explain: Me and Loz were commenting about our lack of things to talk about on our blogs, so an intelligent boy who was eavesdropping on our conversation (it's ok we forgive you steve :P) came up with the idea of writing about each other...I actually do have things to say today which defeats the whole point of the project can one not talk about Lozie anyway right? So here goes:

From the moment I met loz, I immediately thought: fun. She looked so happy and englishy, and said phrases like 'What's wrong pet?' hehe. I thought she fit right in with us crazy people. From that time on, I've learnt quite a few things about her.

First off, her smell, in a good way ^^. She has that unique perfume that immediately puts her face to mind when you smell it, other than the fact that it leaves it remnants on you making u think of her constantly :P

Secondly, her Its not only the colour, it's the way she looks at you when you talk to her, she actually looks into your eyes, making you feel like she's really listening. And in those eyes, one can really see a kindness and a love for life.

Thirdly, her way of life. She reminds me of Zooey Deschanel. I once told her that I could imagine her going around her apartment sipping a glass of red wine listening to Tom Jones and singing along, and she responded with a 'why are u stalking me' look hehe. I mean gta love her for that. I'll add to this section her blogs, love reading them...give me a happy feeling.

Fourthly, her courage. I mean she left her country to move to Malta, a place with some family, and a many acquaintances at that time, and now she's got no acquaintances, but one big family + her real family hehe.

Fifthly, and this I discovered yesterday: her smile when she has a camera in's like that of an excited little girl. ^^

I think thats about it for now..can't wait to get to know u more :)

Now, about this weekend:

Yesterday we had the Healing service at night. Was as usual amazing, God really showed His glory, and a lot of people were touched :)

Today we had the continuation of the y4j girls weekend. And it was amazing. I learnt quite a few things about how to be a woman of God. I was quite impressed with mike's aunts' talk (can't remember her name), about being a mother and wife in the future...really changed my perspective on things a bit. I was also taken back 6 years with Tutzi's talk when they came to St. Dorothy's school to give a talk on sexuality, and we were given the choice to sign a paper saying true love waits, and I had and kept it in my purse ever since, and I have the 2009 version hehe.

I also urge Achie to take up tattooing as a profession hehe. She drew on my leg and I really like it, I actually want to keep it, and draw a henna on it. Picture below :)

toodles ^^


  1. Rachie said...
    I can't listen and not doodle (as my own legs prove) XD Glad you likey (:

    And I thoroughly enjoyed reading about you and loz XD very cute ^^
    MINA said...
    it's true weekend was great.
    Steve Diacono said...
    ur welcome for the idea =).

    Glad you enjoyed your weekend.


    Achie i want u to draw on me XD
    ^KaI^ said...
    her name was Charmaine if im not mistaken xD
    I w+ant a description of me =( XD
    aw+esome w+eekend <3

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